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A Month of Thanksgivings

A Hymn of Thankgiving

Posted by Jeff Bridgeman on

One of the traditional hymns that’s sung this Thanksgiving time of year is entitled "For the Beauty of the Earth". In it, everything is seen as a part of the beauty of Creation which the Lord has given us. From that realization of provision comes the strong chorus “Lord of All, to...

Angel of Montgomery

Posted by Steve Kamm on

Consider the woman at the heart of the poignant, haunting and beautiful Angel of Montgomery. John Prine, the songwriter, says this: "I had this really vivid picture of this women standing over the dishwasher with soap on her hands. She wanted to get of her house and her marriage and...

A Rodent Named Mocha

Posted by Jeff Lincicome on

One of the fun (and challenging) things about being a parent is going with whatever our child gets interested in and wants to explore, no matter what it takes. This happened to us recently as my Violet desperately wanted to get…a guinea pig. Up until that point at the Lincicome house, we...

All Good Gifts

Posted by Jeff Bridgeman on

One of the rich truths of Thanksgiving is that as followers of Jesus we have someone to thank! Have you ever heard people talk about how they were thankful for something, but not identify to whom they directed their thanks? The writer of the Book of James tells us that “all good gifts come...