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A Month of Thanksgivings

A Rodent Named Mocha

Posted by Jeff Lincicome on

One of the fun (and challenging) things about being a parent is going with whatever our child gets interested in and wants to explore, no matter what it takes. This happened to us recently as my Violet desperately wanted to get…a guinea pig. Up until that point at the Lincicome house, we pretty much had a no-rodent rule; dogs fine, birds ok, but rodents—they should live in the woods.

But Violet was persistent. She saved her money. She told us how she would care for it. She even played the 4th child card, wanting to have something of her own that wasn’t a hand-me-down from a sister. And ultimately, despite the lines we initially set, we got a guinea pig. Some might say we caved (which I suppose we did). But mostly what we did was determined that our love for our daughter was worth the slight inconvenience that a rodent named Mocha would entail.

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember to give God thanks for the opportunities we have to bend for those we love. For when we do, it forces us to see what our priorities are. And those little pieces of sacrifice ultimately grow us in love and grace.

Jeff Lincicome


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