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A Month of Thanksgivings

Foundation and Love of the Church

Posted by Shawna Borichewski on

I have been a member of SPC for about 16 years now and our church continues to amaze me, and I am so thankful for this community of believers. I was with Mid-High and High Schoolers this past weekend at the Fall Retreat and I saw so many faces that started in the children’s Wednesday night program and it was so amazing to see that the foundation they received in GROW and Sunday school continues to grow in their lives. The friendships that they made early on have carried over in an amazing way on their journey through Middle and High school. This foundation and sense of community they get when they come to these types of programs are so important as they navigate the crazy worlds of Middle and High School and I truly believe it helps them to make better decisions by having that foundation and friends that they can rely on at church even if they do not attend the same school. Some of my 10th grade son’s best friends are those from our church family that go to different schools, and the best part of my weekend was seeing those boys at worship this weekend, singing songs with their arms around each other’s shoulders praising God together!  Most of these boys met at GROW and Sunday school.

I am so thankful for the foundation and love that this church is giving my children, they truly feel at home here and are so excited to come to church on Sunday’s and to participate in all the wonderful youth programs and event’s that SPC has to offer.


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