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A Month of Thanksgivings

Lens of Gratitude

Posted by Laura Van Klaveren on

Dear SPC family,

I have a hand-written card that hangs on my bathroom mirror that says, “shape your truth with gratitude.” I wish I could remember the original author but I scribbled it down when I read that phrase in a book about two years ago. It’s a daily reminder to me that I can choose to view the truth of life through a ‘lens of gratitude.’ The beautiful thing about the ‘lens of gratitude’ is that it works. When I pause and consider the blessings and joys first, the hardships or sorrows become less significant.

And, as I consider my blessings and joys today, I am most grateful for my daughter. She is an adult now so I’m learning to appreciate the small windows of time when we happen to be at home at the same time. Last night when I came home from GROW, she happened to be there and we sat in the living room chatting for an hour or two. More than ever, I’m grateful for those moments in time and the conversations, laughs and unique perspectives that she brings to life.

Secondly, I entered the Pre-K room last Sunday and one of the little kids asked me, “Are you a Superhero?” Initially, I answered, “Yes, I am!” simply because I didn’t want to say “no.” However, it got me thinking that all of our volunteers in children’s ministry are Superhero’s to our kids. They are leading, guiding and loving our kids in ways that will change and shape them for eternity… sounds like the definition of a Superhero to me! I’m grateful for the many, many people who are part of children’s ministry here at SPC. We all know how important it is that our kids feel welcomed, loved and “at home” in our church so I’m grateful for all the “Superhero’s” in our SPC family.  

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,



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