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We are committed to showing others the love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness of Jesus.

Through our openness in sharing our lives with others, we not only connect through our similarities, but learn from our differences. Through having access to more space, this building will allow us to share ourselves with others and build on community - for ourselves, our families and our children.

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Our building campaign will fund a 17,000-square-foot addition at a high-end cost estimate of $5.5 million. This estimate covers all costs including new furnishings and equipment to operate. Our goal is to raise this amount from gifts from our members, friends, and community partners. 

We are asking members  for both a large one-time gift and/or additional annual pledge to be paid over three years. Please prayerfully consider how God is calling you to partner with SPC in this exciting building campaign.

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Who We Are

We are called by God to love and serve communities around the world as well as our local community at home. 

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Did you know?
  • SPC has over 30 community partners using our building.
  • More than 1000 different people come onto our campus weekly.
  • The City of Sammamish has the highest percentage of people age 0-18 in Washington State.
  • Glory Days Preschool services over 75 children each school year.
What we need...

Each of the programs - church and community - have unique space needs, and all require a safe space. Today our children, youth and community partners are siloed in separate buildings. In order to connect with the rest of the campus, they must traverse a large parking lot. This new 17,000 square foot building will create a central, safe space for all users to interact, learn, and grow.

Come for relationships. Give for community.


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First Floor

First Floor Rendering

Second Floor

How does the addition support our mission of being a Christ Centered, Mission Minded Family?

As Christ Centered disciples, we have been called to reach out and serve. Right now on an average week, more than 1000 different people come onto our campus. By continuing to widen our doors and live out our mission, we believe we will reach even more people locally for Jesus Christ and create a stronger community from which to fuel our work globally.

As a Mission Minded Family, we show others the love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Through our openness in sharing our lives with others, we not only connect through our similarities, but learn from our differences. Through having access to more space, this building will allow us to share ourselves with others and build one community—for ourselves, our families and our children.

How will the addition support and improve our children and youth ministries?

The all church survey in 2016 was very clear that children and youth ministries was a major priority of the congregation. The building addition design is fantastic for these ministries. We need space to gather. Space for relationships. And space for our younger members of our family to be supported, safe, and included. Children and youth are a key part of our growing community. They need to be included so that they can connect with something bigger than themselves.

I understand the big picture but not the details on children and youth. Can you provide more details? 

Each of the children and youth programs have their own unique space needs, but all require a safe space. Today, our children and youth are siloed in separate buildings and traverse a parking lot to move from one to another. This new building will create a central, safe space for kids of all ages to interact, grow, and learn. Our existing programs include Glory Days Pre-School, JAM City, Young Life, Youth open mics, Core/Ignite, Vacation Bible School, and Youth Mission Nights. We also make our facilities open to High School Team Banquets, College Preparation Classes, Out of Town Youth Groups. With the addition, the opportunity to serve more children and youth inside and outside of SPC will be greatly increased (at least 5x).

Is the addition solely for children and youth or will other ministries be served?

Yes, other ministries will be served! While our focus today is creating a safe space for children, our building will impact the broader community as well. Our existing adult, mission, care, small groups and other ministries for our congregation will have greatly improved facilities to meet and connect. Our external ministries, which include space for MOPS, Jubilee Reach ESL classes, Alcoholic Anonymous, Lifewire, GriefShare, Issaquah Meals, Bible Study Fellowship and more will be opportunities to connect and share with the greater community. Continuing to support these programs in our growing community requires space.

What will the building addition cost?

We have engaged Driftmier Architects and Abbott Construction to work with a highly experienced team of SPC members with design and construction expertise to find the answer to this question. The plan calls for a 17,000-square foot addition at a high-end cost estimate of $5.5 million.

The cost estimate includes all costs including new furnishings and equipment to operate the new addition to achieve the ministries previously discussed. We view the budget target as a “not to exceed” and will work diligently to beat the budget. Note there are contingencies and escalation allowances of $470,000 for protection from the unknowns.

How will SPC fund the building addition?

Our goal is to raise the full amount of $5.5 million from gifts from our members, friends and community partners. If we do not achieve the full amount, we will consider options that include reduce the scope of the project, delay construction and consider a small amount of debt.

Is $5.5 million from members, friends and community partners realistic?

Yes. SPC has 500 members and friends that support our annual budget. If 350 (70%) of these givers pledge an average of $15,700 to the building addition, we achieve the $5.5 million goal. Further, we are asking for a pledge that can be paid over three years which is an average of $5,200 per year, which is the average of our annual gift per year. If we achieve 90% participation, the average gift for three years is reduced to $12,200. In addition, it’s expected that many of our members have the resources to make special gifts significantly greater than their annual gifts to support this project. It is also realistic that we will attract gifts from our community partners who have benefited from its relationship with SPC for many years.

If the pledges can be paid out over three years when will construction start?

As early as 2018. We have consulted building campaign experts on this matter and their data shows that most of the building campaign pledgers give most of the pledge in the first year to allow the construction to begin within 12 months. If we do not have the $5.5 million in cash, we plan on a short-term construction loan to bridge the difference between pledges and cash received so we can begin construction in 2018 to complete the project in 2019.

How does the building addition impact my annual gifts? 

It’s critical that you maintain or increase your level of annual giving for the operating budget. Please do not reallocate your annual giving to the building campaign. We want the annual budget to grow at 5% per year to fund increased staffing to service the expected growth from new members.

Is an annual budget growth plan of 5% realistic?

We believe it’s realistic and achievable because the Sammamish Plateau represents one the highest growth communities in the State of Washington. We must grow the giving base to achieve this level of annual giving growth and we can if we continue to serve and engage the community. The building addition will play a major role, even before it's built, at attracting new members and more engagement from existing members because it will be tangible proof of our commitment to doing our mission by connecting and serving.

How do I pledge and pay?

You can pledge online using the above link on this page. You can instruct us how you wish to fund your pledge (start date, monthly, quarter, annually, adhoc). You can also fund your pledge with in-kind gifts such as stock. We will provide consultation on all the options. We also accommodate a two-phased pledge: minimum pledge based on known income and estimate incremental pledge based on potential income. We live in an entrepreneurial community and incomes are not always known so contingent estimates of your pledge are helpful to provide us information for making our financial decisions and discussions with lenders.