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Parent's Praise

We are so thankful to the many parents who share their kids with us and share our dream of quality education that includes a social, intellectual and spiritual emphasis! Here is what some of them have to say about Glory Days Preschool:

Glory Days is an amazing place for children to begin their school careers! After attending the Parent/Toddler class from age 1, our eldest is now in Pre-K and adores every day that he gets to spend at preschool. The teachers at Glory Days create a wonderfully warm and supportive classroom environment for the children; it has been exciting for us to watch our son learn and grow alongside his classmates. We have no doubts he will be ready for kindergarten when the time comes but more valuable to us are the life lessons that are integrated into each daily activity. The Glory Days staff are passionate about nurturing creative, kind, responsible little people and this is evident in the beautiful friendships the children form with one another as well as adults in the school and church community. We are so grateful to be members of the Glory Days family!
—Helen Smith

Our family has been truly blessed by the wonderful, caring, talented staff at Glory Days Preschool. The teachers, placed in well-balanced teams of two, all have a huge heart for God and an obvious love of children. The small class sizes create an environment for the children to feel safe and blossom. As a parent, it is comforting to know my child is in such caring, capable hands when I drop him off at Glory Days. Both of my boys enjoyed the variety of offerings while at school including chapel, creative movement, recess and the many art projects. I also appreciate the option for Lunch Bunch on a day-to-day basis; having that flexibility is great for busy parents.
—Dawn Abed

Glory Days Preschool has been a great step for our entire family, and especially our little one who is having the most incredible first-time school experience with the warm, affectionate, caring, and extremely knowledgeable teachers and staff at Glory Days. We started our journey with Glory Days in the Parent/Toddler class in the spring of 2015, and that got our 3-year old so excited to come back full time in the fall. Miss Patti was just incredibly affectionate and even remembered the name of his favorite toy when we returned in the fall. As a result, right from day 1, our son has been all smiles and excitement to head to school. The projects they do every day are so creative and colorful and provide great learning in a very fun way. The field trip we recently did was just ideal for the age group. The stories of the Bible have been beautifully taught in a simple to understand way so the children can take away the true learning to guide life as they grow older. We know our child is happy and learning to grow up into a thoughtful and independent little person while being full of smiles and stories about his day, and we are so grateful for that.
—Ibaadat Dhaliwal