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SPC Team Eswatini Day 4

Posted by Laura Van Klaveren on

Dear SPC family,

As we returned to our rooms in Eswatini this evening, our hearts were full from an unforgettable day. Today was our fourth full day in the country and it was particularly special. We had the privilege to visit over 700 students at Nsongweni Primary School. We received such a warm welcome and I will never forget the faces of the children at this school. We were able to visit their classrooms and watch their teachers give them a lesson. We toured their agriculture area and saw how they are learning to grow vegetables. We saw the water facilities provided by World Vision that help ensure they have clean water and know the importance of hand washing. They also prepared a wonderful presentation for us filled with music, dancing and poetry. The kids are precious and they have found a forever place in my heart.

Lincicome Family sponsored girls from Eswatini.

Secondly, many of us on the team were able to meet our sponsored children today. My daughter sponsors a little girl from the school and we were able to visit with her and her grandmother for over an hour. We learned so much about their life and the hardships they face, but we also saw joy in their hearts and heard laughter in their voices. I think it’s safe to say that as it came time to say good-bye to our sponsored children, there were very few dry eyes on our team.

It’s hard to put into words how special our time has been with the people here. From the moment we arrived, my heart has been touched and changed by the stories I have heard, the people I have met and the places we have visited. The families in this area are so grateful for the clean water they can access at their home or close nearby. It is truly remarkable. I will wrap up this post for today but one of the many things on my heart as I go to bed this evening is how the Kingdom of God is alive and well and growing in this part of the world. His work is being done here. The kids learn many different subjects at the primary school we visited, but in one of the classrooms the kids were also learning the Bible lesson about Jesus feeding the 5,000. There were 47 2nd Graders in that room and at the end of their lesson, they all said together in unison with their teacher, “With God nothing is impossible.” What a great thing to hear from a group of children in Eswatini.

God Bless,



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