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Summer Mission Blog

TJ18 - Framing Day

Posted by Josh Berg on

Framing Day! It is exciting to see the houses being formed and relationships continuing to deepen. As we continue to get to know the beautiful people of Tijuana, we continue to realize what a privilege it is to know and serve them!

TJ18 - Leveling Day


This is Christopher, a ten year old boy who is the next door neighbor of our homeowner. Unlike most other team’s worksites, we are building a home for a single mother, which means that there is no “man of the house” to help our team build. Instead, we have Christopher, who tries to step in as much as possible when the mom is at work and her kids are at school. He constantly inspires my team and I with his curiosity and determination to help. Today, we returned the favor and inspired him with our framework. He spent his morning building his own little house - all by himself!
Haylie H. - Team Lime

Closing out Day Four in the chapel. It never gets old!


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