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Summer Mission Blog

TJ19 Day 05

Posted by Josh Berg on

Tuesday Evening, July 2:

Ten homes being slept in tonight by grateful Tijuana families. 132 SPC strong! Thank you for your prayers and love felt here each and every moment this past week. The wonderful people of Tijuana send their love! ❤️

Look for the culmination video later Wednesday as there is some finishing work to do on key ceremony footage due to successful but later finishes. Also many photos to come as well. Stay tuned. The amount for the media team to process and send out is amazing! We love you all and can’t wait to come home tomorrow evening.

One final goodnight for 2019 from Casa Hogar de los Niños. God bless!

Wednesday Afternoon, July 3:

12:30pm - All vehicles have left Casa Hogar de los Niños headed for the border. We expect a sizable wait. I’ll update next when we’re all safely across the border. Thanks for all your prayers for safe travels!



3:30pm - ALL #spctj19 vehicles have made it safely back into the U.S.!! Heading to the airport. 


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