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Associate Pastor Nominating Committee

"The pastor nominating committee (PNC), representative of the whole congregation and elected by the congregation, has the ultimate responsibility for nominating a minister to the congregation for election as the next pastor or associate pastor. Over a number of months, the PNC will journey through the pastoral search process, seeking to hear the call of Christ and “to participate in God’s own choice” for your next pastor."

from On Calling a Pastor Handbook, PC USA

The steps our APNC (Associate Pastor Nominating Committee) are taking to hire a new Associate Pastor of Adult and Missions are:

  1. DONE:
    Congregation elects Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) who develop Ministry Information Form which is approved by Session/Presbytery and posted on national Presbyterian website.

  2. APNC begin discerning candidate match (evaluate resumes, available sermons, initial phone interviews).  Rely on the Holy Spirit to highlight candidates whom God might be calling.

  3. APNC conducts prayerful/in-depth review of top candidates (reference checks, interviews, listen to a sermon in person). 

  4. APNC extends call to one candidate after prayer and consultation with Presbytery.

  5. Report to session who will schedule a congregational meeting.  Following approval by the congregation terms of call are finalized.

  6. Installation of our New Associate Pastor of Adult and Missions!

For additional information please email or contact an APNC member:
Ann Bongiani (chair), Pramukh Jeyathilak, Steve Kamm, Annett Kohlmann, Ming Chen Lu, Sue Maloney, Patrick McCallister, Mark Schuldt