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What We Believe

SPC in a nutshell...

SPC stands in the faith tradition that might best be described as “Classical Christianity.” This tradition seeks to understand relationship with God from the perspective of the New Testament, centered on the ministry of Jesus.

We believe that Jesus provides the key to grasping who God is, who we are, and what it means to have a personal relationship with God. Like the first followers of Jesus, we believe that all of life can be transformed by a vital personal faith, and we continually explore the specific ways this transformation might be expressed.

Along these lines, SPC works to be a community that welcomes all people into this adventure of discovering personal relationship with God through Jesus. We try to avoid labels (conservative, liberal, fundamentalist, etc) and instead focus on faith in Jesus and the mission he calls his followers to. Questions are welcomed, as are answers to our questions that emanate from the Jesus of the New Testament.

What if I don’t believe that?

Everyone is welcome at SPC, especially those who wouldn’t normally think of themselves as ”churchy.“ We seek to foster a non-judgmental environment that allows for questions and exploration. Actual church membership entails a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, but non-members are encouraged to be actively involved with the church and its mission.

I used to go to church, but haven't for a long time. Will I feel comfortable at SPC?

Many folks tell us that they found SPC to be an extremely comfortable environment to return to after being away from church for a period of time. This is a very subjective thing, of course, but we truly try to be a church that welcomes everyone. If you visit SPC for worship, you can easily remain anonymous as you “check things out.” You will not be asked to stand or be singled out in any way if you are a visitor.

I’m not really familiar with church. How do I get started?

The most common way to get started with “church” is by attending a worship service. Better yet, attend worship for several weeks. This will allow you to get a feel for what church is all about as well as get to know the personality of the congregation and leadership. Once you feel ready, you can talk with a pastor or Get Connected volunteer about other ways you might get involved.

What can I expect at an SPC worship service?

SPC worship services last about an hour, and include music, prayer, announcements, and a sermon. Dress is casual. Visitors are welcomed but not singled out. Children may be in worship with their families or attend Sunday School. (SPC has a terrific “quiet room” for parents with very young children or nursing mothers.)

What about baptism and communion?

SPC practices two sacraments: Baptism and Communion (The Lord’s Supper). We believe that these are the two sacraments clearly required by the New Testament, though we recognize that some Christian churches have more. Both are “outward signs of an inward grace” and are anchored in God’s faithfulness and mercy. Ultimately, the sacraments express tangibly the promises of God in the Gospel, and are to be received with humble faith.