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Symbols are everywhere.You can't see a black and white apple with a piece out of it and not think about your iPhone. You can't see a swoosh without thinking immediately about your Nike shoes. Powerful symbols capture the essence of what they represent, sometimes telling you more about the thing inside than any word can do.

Our Christian faith is full of powerful symbols, too--Biblical images that visually carry meaning and purpose about our God and the way of life he calls us to. In this series we are going to take a look at some of the most compelling and well known symbols of the Christian faith. Our purpose is to use them as a way to fall deeper in love with the God we worship, who loves us enough to let us see him everywhere, even in the common things of life.

Fear Not

Fear Not

It is said that the phrase "Do not be afraid" is the most often quoted phrase in all the Bible. Clearly God was on to us since we spend much of our earthly life living with the aching knowledge that life will bring challenge, uncertainty and fear. It shouldn't surprise us than that facing our fears is also a common theme in the Advent story, as God invites the players in this cosmic drama to look at their fears square in the face and be changed. Join us in worship as we take a look at these "Fear not!" passages in Luke's Advent story as we learn to face the fears that haunt us today.