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Small Group Questions

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SGQ - Apr 23, 2017

04.23.17 | Small Group Questions | by Austin Ashenbrenner

    What is one important or silly lesson that you learned when you were a kid that you remember on a regular basis in your adult life? How did you learn this lesson? Why does it have such “staying power” in your life? In this...

    SGQ - Apr 9, 2017

    04.09.17 | Small Group Questions

    Hearing the Text Read Luke 6:43-45 (and Matthew 7:15-20) Dallas Willard writes that we need to view Jesus’ “sermon” as a whole, not just a collection of random sayings. While we must hear Jesus’ Beatitudes first as sheer...

    SGQ - Apr 2, 2017

    04.02.17 | Small Group Questions

    Hearing the Text Read Luke 6:37-42 Renowned preacher Fred Craddock writes, “Without justice and fairness, grace degenerates into permissiveness, just as justice without grace hardens into cruelty.” His point is that mercy and...

    SGQ - Mar 26, 2017

    03.26.17 | Small Group Questions

    Hearing the Text: Read Luke 6:22, 26-36, and John 14:25-28 If given the choice, most of us would prefer to be liked rather than hated by our co-workers, family, and acquaintances. So what do we make of this encouragement to be hated or reviled...

    SGQ - Mar 19, 2017

    03.19.17 | Small Group Questions

    Hearing the Text: Read: Luke 6:21b & 25b; Matthew 5:5Related text: Psalm 13 As we consider the Beatitudes, we need to remind ourselves frequently that the Beatitudes are first for people in bad situations not for people with good...