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Small Group Questions

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SGQ - December 9, 2018

12.09.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

    Luke 1:26-38 Romans 16:25-27 "Too good to be true." When have you ever had that experience? What tipped you off? "Greetings, favored one!" What do you think it was about Mary that made the Angel approach her and not the thousands...

    SGQ - December 2, 2018

    12.02.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

      Luke 2:34-35 If you are a parent or an aunt/uncle, have you ever had your heart pierced over the promise and challenge of the children in your life? What kept you going? Mary is often pictured as this calm, somewhat passive, subservient...

      SGQ - November 25, 2018

      11.25.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

        Revelation 5:11-13    Ruth 4:13-22 Of which ancestors are you very proud? Of whom were you embarrassed? What would you like to be known for? Why do the women regard Ruth as "better than seven sons"? Why is this...

        SGQ - November 18, 2018

        11.18.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

          Ephesians 1:9-14 Ruth 4:1-12 "Spaces become places when they are inhabited with stories."--Philip Sheldrake. Do you have any sacred places in your life? Places where you look back on as holy ground where God met you? In the story in...

          SGQ - November 11, 2018

          11.11.18 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

            John 21:15-17 Ruth 3 1. On a scale of 1-10, would you call yourself a rule follower (1=know every rule, and try to keep others in line as well!) or more of a rule breaker (10=don’t bother with them, or with people who care about them)...

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