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Small Group Questions

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SGQ - January 21, 2018

01.21.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

    Isaiah 2:1-4 Looking out at the world today, who do you consider the peacemakers? What is it about them that drives that? “No one has ever been converted by violence,” writes Jim Forest. It is interesting that Isaiah’s...

    SGQ - January 14, 2018

    01.14.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

      1 Corinthians 1:18-25 Crosses are everywhere on everything these days. What do you think is behind that? What does the cross mean for modern people? Paul lifts up the cross of Christ as the only thing that matters to him in the world, the...

      SGQ - January 7, 2018

      01.04.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

        Mark 2:13-17 Symbols are objects that lead you to see something else. What are some of the dominant symbols of our culture right now? Of your life? Jesus’ disciples who were fisherman may have paid inflated taxes to Levi for years. How...

        SGQ - December 31, 2017

        12.31.17 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Bridgeman

          Matthew 2:13-18   How far would you travel for a sale or to see a sporting event? How far would you travel for the sake of a friend or a family member? Would you be able to leave everything behind because your spouse had a vision or a...

          SGQ - December 17, 2017

          12.17.17 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

            Luke 1:26-38 Talk about an experience when you were caught off guard by something unexpected and frightening. How did you react in the moment? Once you had a better understanding of the implications and realities of the event/encounter, was it...

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