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SGQ -March 11, 2018

03.11.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ -March 11, 2018

    Job 38-42

    1. If you were to bring a malpractice suit against God for the bad way things turned out one particular day, what would be the charges? What compensation would you want?

    2. CS Lewis writes, “The ancient man approached God (or even the gods) as the accused person approaches his judge. For the modern man the roles are reversed. He is the judge: God is in the dock. He is quite a kindly judge: If God should have a reasonable defense for being the god who permits war, poverty and disease, he is ready to listen to it. The trial may even end in God’s acquittal. But the important thing is that Man is on the Bench and God in the Dock.” Do you think that statement is true today? If so, how so? Where is our adjudication of God the most visible?

    3. In God’s speech from Chapter 40, who is on trial? What common refrains link this speech to the first one? Is God being coy? Caring? Abrasive? Just?

    4. We live life on the back side of a woven tapestry, from which we can see only knots, loose ends and a faint, obscured outline of the picture on the front. What picture is God weaving for Job in these last chapters? What insight does that give you into the places of suffering and grief in your own life? How can the events of your life be used by God for reasons you might not be aware of?