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SGQ - April 08, 2018

04.04.18 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

SGQ - April 08, 2018

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    1. The Seven Deadly Sins are not called such in scripture: this is a construct applied later by the church. Do you find it to be a helpful way to categorize, study, or make changes around sin in your life? If so, why? If not, why not? 

    2. How was anger expressed in your family of origin?  Was everyone was allowed to appropriately “be angry” without being silenced, punished or ignored? Or was anger only allowed for adults, or perhaps something no one was allowed to express? 

    3. How do you think your own experiences with anger influence your image of God’s anger? Does God’s anger increase your sense of safety and intimacy with God? Why or why not?

    4. Share a situation in which your own anger is triggered out of a sense that your personal control, comfort or convenience has been violated. What do you do with this anger?

    5. Brainstorm some ways to shift your focus from self to God, amidst those minor irritations, inconveniences and set-backs.  How can you bring your eyes back to God and away from self?  With an accountability partner, commit to working on shifting your focus from yourself to God in a particular, recurring instance. Check back in a week or less, and talk about your experience.