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SGQ - August 11, 2019

08.11.19 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - August 11, 2019

    Mark 1:27-34

    1. Who was one of your best teachers? What made that teacher so good?

    2. The people were amazed at Jesus' teaching. What was it about Jesus that amazed the people? What does it say about the other teachers they had listened to?

    3. Our identity is rooted in what we know about ourselves and what we know about God. What kind of things do we see Jesus doing that show us his true identity? What kind of things are we called to be about to exhibit our true god given identities?

    4. It is very interesting that the only participants in this story who recognize who Jesus is are the demon possessed (Mark 1:24, 34). Why do you think that is? What is it about evil that brings to light the true identity of someone? 

    5. Father Giles (in the Godspeed curriculum and video) points out the difference between seeing ourselves as a sinner vs. a beloved sinner. What difference does this make in our identity?