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SGQ - December 17, 2017

12.17.17 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

SGQ - December 17, 2017

    Luke 1:26-38

    1. Talk about an experience when you were caught off guard by something unexpected and frightening. How did you react in the moment? Once you had a better understanding of the implications and realities of the event/encounter, was it still as terrifying?


    1. How do the promises of God’s strength, might, protection and love affect your fears? Does God’s word bring you a sense of peace and comfort? If so, why/how? If not, why not?


    1. How does Mary’s journey – first as Jesus’ mother…then, over the years of change and learning, ultimately as Jesus’ follower – reflect or connect to your own journey? 


    1. When have you had a hope, a dream for something come true…only to then realize it wasn’t at all what you had hoped for or dreamed about – in fact, it was truly disappointing?


    1. What is one practice (faith or life) that might help you to face the unexpected in life with more peace, equanimity and joy? Is this something you are currently practicing? If so, how does it help?  If not, how do you expect it might help? Is there someone who can check in with you about this practice, going forward?