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SGQ - December 23, 2018

12.23.18 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

SGQ - December 23, 2018

    Luke 1:39-45, Luke 1:46-56

    1. How did your parents find out they were expecting you?  What kind of news was this - unexpected, exciting, worrisome?  If you have had children, how did you get the news?  How were those months of waiting spent - preparing, ignoring, worrying? 

    2. Talk about a time when something unexpected happened, and you were able to lean on someone who supported you.  What kind of help did this person provide?  How did this person help?  What would your experience have been like without this help?

    3.  In what areas of life do we tend to make assumptions/have expectations about the future?  What happens when the unexpected occurs?  How do we adjust/change/roll with the changes?  What happens if we don't?

    4.  How does your faith help you to adapt to the unexpected in life?  Are there ways it hinders your responses to change?  What role do you feel God plays in these twists and turns in our lives?