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SGQ - December 31, 2017

12.31.17 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Bridgeman

SGQ - December 31, 2017

    Matthew 2:13-18


    1. How far would you travel for a sale or to see a sporting event? How far would you travel for the sake of a friend or a family member? Would you be able to leave everything behind because your spouse had a vision or a dream?

    2. List the times in the Birth Stories where expectations are impacted by the coming of the Christ Child.

    3. Dr. Aten prayed the "hardest prayer I had ever prayed" when he asked God to take care of his wife and children. Why was that such a hard prayer for him? How has your own level of spiritual surrender affected you in times of crisis or conflict?

    4. What kind of expectations do you have for 2018? Make a list of them. How will your faith be affected of they come to be realized? How will your faith be affected if they become broken expectations?