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SGQ - February 17, 2019

02.17.19 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

SGQ - February 17, 2019

    Mark 8:22-26

    “Be Thou My Vision”

    1. Is music an important part of your spiritual life? If so, in what way? If not, what else helps you to experience God’s presence and feel more connected spiritually?

    2.  In what context do you remember learning/singing this hymn? Does it have any special meaning for you? If so, please describe.

    3. We all have particular ways of seeing an issue, doctrine or belief when it comes to our faith. Our “vision” may be related to our upbringing, our parents, our life experience or what we have been taught. Think of a time when a particular issue or belief was opened up for you, and you were able to see it in a new way. What helped you to be open to a new perspective? What made it difficult to change?

    4. What certain things in your life (such as your gender, age, education, race, income, etc.) influence your vision, your perspective - on the world and others? How can you be more aware of these factors, so that you can increasingly see the world more like God sees the world? In other words, how can you keep your personal vision from being a hindrance to living out God’s vision in the world?