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SGQ - February 25, 2018

02.25.18 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

SGQ - February 25, 2018

    Job 2:11-13 

    1. What is your definition of a good friend? Have you had many friends who meet this description?


    1. Job’s friends come to him with the intent to “console and comfort him.” They sit with him for 7 days without speaking. Why do you think this was or was not comforting for Job? 


    1. Does our culture have any traditions/practices that translate to this experience of Job’s with his friends? What are some of our culture’s beliefs/rules/customs around grief and loss? Do our practices honor and comfort those who are suffering? Why or why not?


    1. Brene Brown talks about empathy (drives connection) as distinct from sympathy (creates disconnection). Talk about a time when someone was sympathetic to you/your situation, versus a time when someone showed empathy for you/your situation. Did you experience a difference? If so, how?


    1. What kind of friends are we called to be to those in need? Be specific. Do we practice the kind of friendship God exemplifies with us and calls us to? If so – how? If not, what keeps us from these practices of friendship? How can we be better friends to those who are suffering or in need?