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SGQ - February 9, 2020

02.09.20 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - February 9, 2020

    Matthew 7:1-5

    1. A scatoma (in Greek) is a medical term meaning a blind spot in your vision. In the spiritual sense, we also have "scatomas", blind spots, depending on who we are, our backgrounds, our upbringings, etc. What "blind spots" have you noticed you have when it pertains to God's will for your life? What gets in the way of seeing God's image in yourself and others?

    2. The problem with all catch phrases (like "love the sinner, hate the sin") is they simplify something at the expense of the mysterious and complex. Often in an effort to "hate sin" people carry signs, point out faults in others, or avoid people who struggle all together. How might this be the opposite of what God desires for his beloved Children?

    3. Jesus' example in the Sermon on the Mount of the speck and the log is a great image of how easy it is to look past our own faults and honing in on the faults of others. Why is this so easy to do? What in our American culture seems to make this even easier to do?

    4. Tony Campolo says, "Jesus doesn't say to love the sinner but hate their sin. He really says, 'Love the sinner, and hate your own sin." How is this a helpful corrective to this often used phrase?

    5. What would it look like for us at SPC to love sinners, period. How does love transform someone's life, and even assist them in living whole and holy lives free from the sins that dog them?