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SGQ - January 14, 2018

01.14.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - January 14, 2018

    1 Corinthians 1:18-25

    1. Crosses are everywhere on everything these days. What do you think is behind that? What does the cross mean for modern people?

    2. Paul lifts up the cross of Christ as the only thing that matters to him in the world, the only place of true power. What types of power do you think the Corinthians were looking for from Paul? What types of power do people today look for from Christians?  

    3. Brennan Manning writes, “I know a man who for twenty-five years has refused to allow a cross or a crucifix in his home. Far from being superficial, he is a person of integrity…Why does he refuse? In his own words, ‘I can’t stand the Cross. It is a denial of all that I value in life. I am a proud man, sensual, I seek pleasure. The Cross reproaches me. It says, ‘You’re wrong. Your life must take this shape. This is the only true interpretation of life, and life is true only when it takes this form.” And so, he will not allow a symbol of the crucified Christ in his home. In his honesty he knows that to do so, he must commit himself to a way of life that contradicts the life he is living.” Reflect on this story. What do you think about his reasoning?

    4. As Christians, we are called to live cruciform (cross-like) likes if we are to follow Jesus. What does that look like for you? How does your life emulate the life of Jesus in the way you carry your cross?