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SGQ - January 28, 2018

01.28.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - January 28, 2018

    John 14:15-17


    1. Life is full of mysteries. What mystery would you most like to get a solid answer from God about?

    2. In John  14, Jesus makes some mysterious statements. He relates himself to the Father (the God he calls Abba) as well as letting his disciples know that they will be receiving the Holy Spirit of God who will live in them. These are revolutionary new notions. What do you think they must have thought when Jesus said these things? Comforted? Confused? Thinking Jesus is off his rocker?

    3. We believe that God exists in trinity, One God in Three "Persons". Why was it important for the church fathers to lift up the "oneness" of God? Why was it important to lift up the "three-ness" of God? What let them to make this pronouncement?

    4. The symbol of the trinity helps to land our understanding of the God we worship, and gives us an idea of what is important to God. Because God is One, we can trust with confidence his control, care, and power. Because God is in three "persons", we know that the essence of God is community, mutual submission, and relationality. With that in mind, how might we live "Trinitarian" lives? How might our lives emulate the God who is one and who exists in community? (I know this is a tough question, but give it a try!)