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SGQ - July 22, 2018

07.22.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - July 22, 2018

    Mark 9:2-8Isaiah 55:6-12

    1. If you could take three people up a mount to meet with God, whom would you take and why? 
    2. Mountaintop experiences have a way of forming and shaping you in incredible ways. Think back on one of your mountaintop experiences. What and where was it? What made it so powerful?
    3. For Moses and Elijah (Jesus' guests at the Transfiguration), mountaintops were not places they went to in times of success but in times of failure. Look back on their experiences of having God speak to them on mountaintops. What was going on as they prophesied and led their people (Exodus 34, I Kings 19)? How did God meet them? How has God met you not at the heights but in the depths?
    4. Peter suggests that they set up some tents for Jesus and his guests, encouraging them to stay on the mountain for a while (9:5). God, however, has other ideas. While this mountaintop experience was important for the disciples' life of faith, it was clearly not where they were supposed to remain. We tend to want to stay on the mountaintops as well when it is often in the valleys where Christ calls us to live and follow him. How might we maintain a healthy balance of seeking God on the mountaintops and following him in the valleys of life?