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SGQ - July 29, 2018

07.29.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - July 29, 2018

    Mark 10:17-27

    1. "How much money is enough?", John D. Rockefeller was asked. "Just a little bit more," was his reply. None of us are Rockefellers here, but we know what it is like to yearn for more. What in your life falls into that category? What do you always seem to want "a little bit more" of? What drives that for you?

    2. The wealthy man who came to Jesus had a veiled request--He wanted to be affirmed by Jesus and recognized as someone who had earned eternal life. The fact is the man had followed all the rules and had done well for himself in business (a sign of God's blessing and approval in the day).  In our world, if one has a lot of possessions, they are said to be "doing well," a worldly success. Doing well in the eyes of the world has some benefits, but also comes with some inherent struggles. Looking at the man in the story and thinking about your own life, what are some of those struggles?

    3. "You shall not defraud," Jesus lists in his teaching on the 10 Commandments (10:19). What is interesting is this is not even one of the 10 Commandments. It appears that Jesus was saying this especially for this young man, as something he was likely doing with his great wealth--withholding it from the people he employed. The fact is that often the most self-righteous people are the ones who hurt others. When our righteousness is based on following rules and reaping earthly rewards rather than basing it on God's grace and heavenly gifts, we are denying both. Where have you seen religious, self-righteous people do the most damage in our world today? What might Jesus be saying to them and to us?

    4. The truth is it's impossible to earn one's way into righteousness. It is only possible through God and God's love for you. What has helped you see the impossibility of earning the Kingdom? Name one thing you can do this week (or let go of) in order to embrace God's kingdom more fully.