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SGQ - March 17, 2019

03.17.19 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - March 17, 2019

    Isaiah 53:1-5

    John 19:25-37

    1.  For much of the Christian world, Mary the mother of Jesus is venerated in a heightened way. One can see why. She was not only (in many ways) the first disciple, but also was acquainted with Jesus' grief in ways only a mother can identify with. How was Mary treated by you or your tradition growing up? What were you taught to learn from her?

    2. Isaiah 53 speaks of the suffering servant, a man "acquainted with grief." The idea that God's Servant (and Son) would know what suffering--what OUR suffering--is like, is foundationally different than other views of god. How has knowing the fact that God suffers with you made a difference in your life?

    3. At his death, Jesus puts his mother into a new family of sorts, with a friend of his sons to be not a stand in, but a new companion on the journey. How have the people at SPC (or in your small group) become a spiritual family to you? How can they continue to support you in prayer and care?

    4. Who do you believe Jesus is calling you to come along side to share the pain and struggle of life? What next step do you need to take to do it?