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SGQ - March 3, 2019

03.03.19 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

SGQ - March 3, 2019

    Lamentations 3:22-23

    1. In preparation for your small group time, read the book of Lamentations.  It is five poems (chapters) that are eloquent, jarring, and difficult to read.  Take notes or journal following the experience - was it difficult to keep reading?  What did you experience as you read it?

    2. Were you aware that the beloved song Great Is Thy Faithfulness came from the center of this book of laments?  Does this realization affect your understanding and experience of singing this song of faith?  If so, how so?

    3. Lamentations is a book for the Jewish people that affirms and voices their trials and sufferings.  Is there a resource - a verse, a song, a book, a play, a place - that you have experienced as vocalizing or affirming your own tragedies and sorrows?  If you have never needed this kind of resource, are you aware of one that has been a safe place for someone close to you?

    4. Do you think we, as a culture, need more resources like the book of Lamentations?  Why or why not?  How could you envision using this book in your own life, or in the life of someone who is struggling and needs a voice for his/her sorrow and loss?

    5. Consider reading through the book of Lamentations with a partner or your small group, as an exercise for Good Friday or Lent, or around the anniversary of a loss.  Journal or share with another what this experience was like.