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SGQ - March 31, 2019

03.31.19 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - March 31, 2019

    Luke 23:33-39

    1.  How do you view the crucifixion? Necessary evil? Cruel and unusual punishment? Sacrifice for sin? Triumph over injustice? Why?

    2. The question that this passage with the criminals is Are there edges to God's grace? Are there things for which or instances when forgiveness and grace are impossible? The answer from Jesus is NO. He forgives all of them; the bystanders, the scoffers, the soldiers, and the criminals alike. The edges of God's grace are wild and generous--always. How does this both comfort and challenge you?

    3. The second criminal does something that no one else in the gospels ever do--He addresses Jesus by his name with no referencial or specific qualifier. He just says his name--Jesus. In the temple he is called rabbi, among the disciples he is called master, but on the cross he is just Jesus. Why do you think he does this? When you call out to Jesus, how do you address him? What does that tell you about your/our relationship with him?

    4. The second criminal asks to be remembered by Jesus. But Jesus gives him something better--He promises to be with him. In doing so, Jesus doesn't give him deliverance but intimacy, and even sharing in the victory Jesus will win over death. On the cross, Jesus does the same thing for us. He offers us not just deliverance but a personal connection to him in his suffering and his resurrection. How have you experienced Jesus being with you in your suffering? Has it caused intimacy with him? How?