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SGQ - March 4, 2018

03.04.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - March 4, 2018

    Job 7:11-21

    1. Last week, Pastor Kelly reminded us that Presbyterian founder John Calvin preached ¼ of his over 700 sermons on the book of Job. What is it about this book that is so compelling and powerful? What have been your reactions as you’ve read, studied, or thought about it?

    2. Our passage for today (Job 7:11-21) is filled with some of the most heart wrenching, eloquent descriptions of grief and loss in the bible. What has been your experience of grief? What were the circumstances and what was it like?

    3. It is apparent that Job is angry at God, wishing that God would just leave him alone instead of continuing to act in his life (See 7:19). Do you know anyone who has this feeling about God? It sometimes makes us uncomfortable to be around people who are so angry, even blasphemous, towards God. Yet, God allows Job to feel this way and, by virtue of placing them in the Scriptures, acknowledges that we may feel that way, too. Job is a hard story, but an important one for our life with God. What are you angry with God about? What questions do you have that may feel are inappropriate to ask? Remember, you are in good company with the likes of Job. Talk about some of those questions with your group.

    4. Grief is a problem of life. What is more, grief is a problem for Job because of his belief. Grief as a way of doing that—it causes a refinement of our faith, and often a deepening of it, as well. This is a tough question—Has God ever used the grief in your life to grow you in faith like Job? Has God turned something raw into something eloquent for your good? Explain.