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SGQ - May 14, 2017

05.14.17 | Small Group Questions | by Kelly Hostetler

SGQ - May 14, 2017

    Ephesians 3:1-13

    1. How do you usually introduce yourself to others? What are the first few questions you tend to ask someone you are getting to know? What sort of things do you not ask – or not follow up on – when you first meet someone?


    1. If you learned that someone you just met had been incarcerated at some point (not knowing how long, how many times or what for), how might this change/shape your impression about this person? What sort of questions/concerns might arise that otherwise would not have entered your mind? Would you be inclined to move towards or step back from this person?


    1. Paul writes that he is "the least qualified of anyone," and is "writing and preaching about things that are way over his head.” When is the last time that you found yourself in a situation that required you to function at a level or in a way that you felt unqualified for, or which brought out your insecurities and sense of being unworthy? Was this something God called you to do? How would that change the experience, either way (if you were there because God called you to be there…or if it had nothing to do with your faith)?


    1. Paul spent three years after his conversion in the desert – a season that was likely uncomfortable, educational and formational for what was ahead. How have difficult wilderness seasons been formational for you? What is something you have learned during a difficult desert time? What is something you have learned during a season of peace, joy, or ease? Explain.

    2. Much of the suffering and persecution of the early Christians was caused because they did not go along with the status quo. They treated slaves, women, foreigners as equals; they worshipped one God in a polytheistic culture (negatively impacting numerous businesses); they followed King Jesus and not King Caesar. What is one way your faith takes you against the cultural flow? What is one way you choose to go with the flow of our culture? What is keeping you from swimming upstream in that area?