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SGQ - May 20, 2018

05.20.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - May 20, 2018

    Acts 2:1-12

    Matthew 9:35-38

    1. Today we are coming to the end of our series on Vices and Virtues. Looking back, what are you taking with you as we leave this study? What are some insights as well as practical steps you are taking to minimize vice and pursue Godly virtues in your life?

    2. Today we come to the vice of sloth. We sometimes define sloth is merely laziness of body (i.e. couch potato), but it is much more than that. In Scripture, sloth also pertains to the laziness of spirit; a symptom of apathy or indifference towards things that God wants and desires. In other words, sloth is a passive denial of God. Under that description, sloth seems a lot more serious than just laying on the couch too long. Where do you see sloth most evident in our culture? In our lives? In the church?

    3. Jesus says in Matthew that while the harvest in God's Kingdom is plentiful, the labors are few. It is easy to see how the vice of sloth plays a big portion in that shortage of workers--a spiritual apathy that causes people to stay comfortable rather that head out into the fields. We are told that Jesus had compassion on the people because they were helpless. When you look out at the world today, who are the helpless that Jesus might see with compassion? What keeps us from heading out to work in the fields of his Kingdom and care for them as he did? 

    4. Today is Pentecost Sunday, when we  celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit and the compulsion of the first apostles to head out into the world and share the good news with the helpless and hurting. Believing that we have that same Holy Spirit in us is an antidote to slothful indifference, because the Spirit propels us into action with excitement, boldness and faith. How might the Holy Spirit of Pentecost be calling YOU to work the harvest in God's spiritual fields? Who are the helpless that Jesus has compassion on that you believe you are drawn to help, not sitting on your hands?