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SGQ - October 1, 2017

10.01.17 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - October 1, 2017

    Genesis 11:27 - Genesis 12:4
    Mark 1:16-20

    1. Where is “home” for you? When did you first leave there? What for? Who or what did you take with you? And leave behind?

    2. Richard Rohr writes, “The familiar and the habitual are so falsely reassuring, and most of us make our homes there permanently.” How have you experienced the familiar and habitual as deterrents from doing what you perceive God is calling you to do? How do you navigate those fears and tensions?”

    3. TS Elliot in his poem “East Coker” writes,
      Old men ought to be explorers
      Here and there does not matter
      We must be still and still moving
      Into another intensity
      For another union, a deeper communion.

      Abram took this to heart, hearing God’s call and following him—all at 75 years of age! What is it about breaking new ground, about following in the adventure of faith that makes faith come more and more alive? What spiritual/financial/vocational/relational risks have you taken that have grown you in faith?

    4. Being a part of the church can be a risky adventure of faith IF it is being done well. As you look out at SPC, what faithful risks do you see our church family taking as we attempt to follow God’s call?

    5. On October 13, 14 and 15, SPC is hosting three dessert gatherings called SPC Build Nights, were we will come together as a church community and hear about the new adventure of faith God is calling us into, as we look to break new ground on a children’s and youth center on our campus. It is important that everyone attends one of these, as we move out in this adventure together. Make sure and sign up for a Build Night this week on our website at buildspc.org.