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SGQ - October 22, 2017

10.22.17 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - October 22, 2017

    Nehemiah 3:1-14

    1. In life, we are sometimes faced with the invitation to join a project much bigger than ourselves. What huge project have you worked on in your life that made a difference in the world? What did you take from that experience?

    2. The skill set and background of the wall builders in Nehemiah are wide and varied. Identify the different groups that worked on the wall together. What if anything is significant about this list?

    3. Do you know anyone like the nobles from Tekoa who want the benefits of a project without having to work for it? From Nehemiah, what do you learn about how to deal with them?

    4. What attitudes and actions from Nehemiah's team of wall-builders fit Christians who want to build the church? Which ones should we avoid?

    5. "The Dung Gate was repaired by Malkijah son of Rekab, ruler of the district of Beth Hakkerem" (vs 14). It takes a lot of humility to repair the Dung Gates of our world. What can we learn from Malkijah for our lives? What small gifts can we offer the world?