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SGQ - October 8, 2017

10.08.17 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - October 8, 2017

    Exodus 25:1-9

    1. When are you most generous? (a) Right after payday? (b) To fill a need that you see? (c) To meet a pledge? (d) When you are asked? When are you the most stingy?

    2. The list of items God called Moses to collect from the people was both ornate and varied. What do you think their gifts had to do with their devotion to God? Do their offerings secure God’s relationship? If not, why do you think God wanted him to collect these things?

    3. The tabernacle was the place God dwelled among his people in the wilderness. That is a mind-blowing thought! How would it change your life if you knew God was living in the tent/house next door? What would be different?

    4. We give because God gave. We give as God gave. We give as generously as God gave. How might you put these three principles into practice in your life this week? How do these truths impact your generosity towards our current campaign to break new ground as a church?