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SGQ - September 17, 2017

09.17.17 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - September 17, 2017

    Romans 14:13-23

    1. When you were growing up, what was the most precious thing someone gave you that you know came at a great sacrifice?

    2. In Romans 14, Paul reminds the Christians that in Jesus Christ, God brought an end to legalistic holiness codes, such as what were considered clean and unclean foods. What things were you taught to consider “unclean”? What drove those beliefs? When you came to terms with Paul’s reminder of God’s freedom, what difference did it make in your life and faith?

    3. In our text, the Roman church was having a freedom problem—the spiritual freedom of some was causing the spiritual downfall of others. Has your spiritual freedom ever been a stumbling block to someone else? What happened?

    4. Paul is encouraging the Roman Christians to see themselves as  responsible for each other’s spiritual life. How responsible do you feel for the life of faith of those around you? Your kids? Your church family? Your community? When we understand our responsibility, does it change what we say or do? How so?

    5. The church is a place where forgiven sinners are willing to give up part of themselves so that other forgiven sinners might be healed. At SPC, that is what our Family does for each other. How has SPC been a family to you? Where has it sacrificed for you? What has that done for your life of faith?