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SGQ - September 2, 2018

09.02.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - September 2, 2018

    Mark 15, Mark 16

    1. If you were raised in church growing up, what version (KJV, NIV, RSV, Jerusalem Bible, The Message, for example) of the Bible did your church use? What did you know about that version? What version do you read today? Why did you choose it?

    2. The Gospel of Mark actually has 3 different endings depending on the source. Each ending has a different feel, flavor and outlook. What do you think about that? How does Jeff suggest we reconcile that discrepancy?

    3. Look at the three endings (16:8, 16:9-20, and the Shorter Version). What similarities do you find? What differences? How do each of them enhance the overall Good News of Jesus?

    4. One of today's challenges for the Church is the frustration that comes from reading the same Bible and yet coming up with very different takes on the text. Where have you seen this be the biggest challenge in our world today? What issues, places, people and beliefs are most affected?

    5. Mark's three endings remind us that different people and communities see different things in Jesus. Our job is to "read" the Gospel God is writing in others (especially those different than us) and find that the story of Jesus is even larger and better than we expected. Think of someone who goes to a different church, or are a different race than you. Consider taking them out to coffee and asking them how they see Christ at work in them and the world. It may not look exactly like your experience, but you have your faith expanded just by listening.