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SGQ - September 23, 2018

09.23.18 | Small Group Questions | by Jeff Lincicome

SGQ - September 23, 2018

    Matthew 19:13-15, Matthew 18:1-6

    1. What is something in life that you feel you are a master at? What do you feel like a child at?

    2. Why would parents bring their children to Jesus? Why did the disciples discourage this? 
    3. Brennan Manning once wrote, "In the competitive game of one-upmanship, the disciples are driven by the need to be important and significant. They want to be somebody. According to John Shea, 'Every time this ambition surfaces, Jesus places a child in their midst  or talks about a child.'" What is it about children that symbolizes the opposite of ambition? Is Jesus apposed to ambition all together? Is there a difference between holy and unholy ambition?

    4. As Christians, we often call each other "Brothers and Sisters" in Christ. At SPC we call each other a church "Family." Those terms are sometimes thrown around sentimentally, but in truth, they are powerful claims of the Gospel. How are other Christians family to you? What marks them as family members? What about Christians that drive you crazy or act like children--How does Jesus want us to treat them?