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Stay@Home Small Groups

Stay@Home Small GroupsStay@Home Small Groups began in May as a way to build relationships and community during COVID. Some have ended, and some are continuing throughout the summer. If you would like to join a Stay@Home Small Group, please click on a name below for a link to the leader's email address. If you are interested in leading a Stay@Home Small Group, email

Below are a few small group with immediate openings who would love to have you:

Read through the New Testament this Summer 

Summer Reading ProgramThis summer, join your SPC family and read through the New Testament together. In 90 days you can say you've read the entire New Testament, digesting the story of Jesus life, death and resurrection, through the birth of his church, to the great conclusion of heaven and earth--what an opportunity. Simply download the plan below and follow along as our staff provides Instagram Live Monday morning interviews and daily posts on social media to keep us all going. A great chance to grow and be fed this summer. 

Some of you might be thinking, “Um … We’re going to the read the entire New Testament in one summer? That’s too much!

Actually, if we spread the New Testament out over 90 days, it’s a lot easier to read. It divides up into about three chapters a day.


  • DECIDE ON A SET TIME TO READ. Habits form when we do the same thing at the same time every day.
  • BEFORE YOU READ, say a quick prayer and offer your reading time over to God. Ask God’s Spirit to lead you into all truth as you begin.
  • TAKE A FEW NOTES during and after your reading. In fact, maybe pick something in particular you want to take notes on. Think about what you hope to learn and where you’d like to grow over the summer and then decide to take notes on anything pertaining to those things.
  • FINALLY, recognize that reading Scripture is not magic. It’s formative, which means that some days nothing will happen. It might even be super boring. Other days, something will strike you right in the deepest parts of your being. But over time, you’ll see that the Scripture you read works into your innermost being and cultivates faith, courage, and hope in God.

Joining you on the journey,
SPC Staff

Growing Deeper in Faith


Join us from 8-8:45 a.m. every Wednesday, beginning May 20, for a Zoom Breakfast Bible Study. Led by Pastor Jeff and the SPC team, we will be exploring the Scripture Sermon passage for the upcoming week, as we seek to understand and prepare our hearts to hear God's Word on Sundays. So grab a cup of coffee and your Bible and join us! A great way to gain wisdom mid-week.

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Prayer is ALWAYS important…but these days, it feels even more critical, as the best way to meaningfully impact the world around us. ALL are invited to join in a community time of prayer each Thursday at 7:30amThe structure will be simple: open with a scripture, share requests, pray over them aloud, popcorn style (voluntary), close with a brief devotional and prayer. No better way to start your Thursday, than with prayer, community and the orienting word of God. Hope you will join us: 

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All women are invited to join us for “God of Covenant,” a study of Genesis 12-50, by Jen Wilkin.  We will walk through the stories of the fathers of our faith – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, discovering how God is working everything together for His glory and for the good of His people, and tracing themes of covenant, resurrection, redemption and hope. The cost for the book is $20. The meetings will be online via Zoom, April 30-July 9.

Contact Lynne Simpson for for details about connecting: