November 14, 2021 Study Notes

  1. The disciples were in awe of the massive Temple that they saw in Jerusalem. But Jesus wanted them to focus elsewhere – on the Kingdom of God. Are there things in your life that you might be overly focused on? If so, what?|
  2. The disciples wanted to know when the end would come and what would be the signs that they knew it was near. Is there anything in your life or in our world that you are hoping will end soon?
  3. Jesus tells them not to worry about the end. He is more concerned that they live Kingdom lives today, in the here and now. How this week might you be more aware of living in :the “now?”
  4. Jesus predicts destruction, catastrophe, and pain. As we know, the headlines are full of that every day. Where can you turn to find joy – even as the walls seem to be crumbling around you? What relationships or practices could you develop this Advent season that might help you remember you belong to Christ?
  5. What is one “catastrophe” in your life or a friend’s life that could use prayer?

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