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A Lesson in Failing Faithfully

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
November 15, 2020

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Follow Along with the Message

  1. Who was one of the most talented people you’ve ever met in your youth? What happened to that person now? What talents were you known for in school?


  2. In this parable, who does the master represent? The journey? The talents? The servants? How does the master’s treatment of the one-talent servant see to you: Fair? Harsh? Lenient? Why?


  3. If the master returned today, what would he say about how you’ve used what he gave you? How have you developed it? What kind of responsibility do you feel toward God regarding your talents?


  4. What does “entering into the joy of your master” mean to you?


  5. Share two or three “talents” you are using for God. What is your favorite excuse for not using them?


  6. When have you observed that the more you used a talent, the more talents God gave you? What will you do this week with the talents God has given you to prepare for his coming? What can your small group do to help you in this regard?


  7. Go around the group and have each person listen silently while others affirm what “talent” God has given them to invest in God’s Kingdom.


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