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Growing Pains

Speaker: Brandon Bleek
August 9, 2020
Director of Adult Formation and Missions

Brandon Bleek

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  1. When faced with the Judean teaching about circumcision the Antiochan church responded with a resounding “no”! Are there things happening in society or religion that the American church, or SPC in particular, should be saying “no” to right now?


  2. Ben Witherington III writes, “But now the Jerusalem church, always playing catch up with God’s plan, needed some major rethinking about what the church would be like and how it would go about its missionary work.” Does the American church today have any catching up to do? If so, where?


  3. Peter’s story is one of growth. He was challenged over and over to rethink about the ways he had been raised and to broaden his theology. Where might God be challenging you to grow?


  4. Where might we need to stop debating (talking, posting on social media, opining) and be silent for a while? To whom might we, both personally and communally, need to start listening?


  5. The journey towards grace often leads to discomfort, even scars. Is there a direction God might be calling you toward that could cause discomfort if you follow? (i.e. a ministry, a cause, a conversation, an apology)




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