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Standing at Attention

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
June 21, 2020

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  1. Names are important. There is a reason why the protests surrounding George Floyd and others chant, “Say their names.” Why are names so powerful? How are the used well? Badly? Ignored?


  2. The Sadducees were the religious aristocracy of the day, controlling the religious narrative in and around the temple. It’s no wonder that Peter and John were seen as outsiders. What was it that they did and said (and maybe were) that cause the elite to arrest them? Do you see any parallels today?


  3. Dr. Willie James Jennings writes, “Speaking holy words has serious consequences.” Peter and John spent the night in jail and were threatened for speaking out about their reason for healing the lame man. To speak out and proclaim release for the captives and the transformation that happens in Jesus gets people into trouble. What consequences does the church today face for speaking out? Or does it?


  4. Peter quotes Psalm 118, calling Jesus “The stone the builders rejected.” What is it about Jesus that causes some to reject him? Why do those in power often reject him? What does it say about our need and desire for power and control?


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