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The Go-Between

Speaker: Kelly Hostetler
May 17, 2020
Pastor of Care and Families

Kelly Hostetler

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  1. We have many ways of picturing God and Jesus, two members of the trinity, but it is difficult for us to picture the Holy Spirit. With what do you associate the Spirit?  Is there an image or symbol that comes up for you when the Holy Spirit is mentioned?  Do you traditionally think of the Spirit as male, female or without gender?


  2. There are many names for the Holy Spirit: Paraclete, which means one who comes alongside…Comforter, Helper, Good Friend, Encourager. Do you have any other names for the Holy Spirit? How do these names help shape our understanding of who the Spirit is?


  3. J. I. Packer describes the Holy Spirit’s role as shining a floodlight to teach us more about Jesus. Talk about a time when you learned something significant about your relationship with Christ, or his work in your life – as if a floodlight had been pointing on Jesus.  How might the Holy Spirit have been or be part of this growth? Does the knowledge of the Spirit’s participation encourage you? Why or why not?


  4. “We can never be directly aware of the Spirit, since in any experience of meeting and recognition she is always the go-between who creates awareness.” (John V. Taylor)  If the Spirit is what we perceive WITH, rather than what we perceive, what is our part in the relationship? How do we cooperate with the Spirit to open ourselves to what God wants us to perceive?


  5. Would you be willing to ask someone to pray that you might become more aware of the Spirit? What might this mean for your spiritual journey?


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