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The Power of One

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
January 5, 2020

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  1. What does the word “Unity” mean to you? Where have you seen unity lived out at its best? At its worst?


  2. The Belhar Confession was written in South Africa by part of the minority churches in critique of the church in the nation as a whole. The white churches were accepting the idea of an “invisible unity” in the church, even though the churches were segregated in reality, even barring members of other races from the communion table. It is easy to be for “unity” and yet live ununified, isn’t it? What are some ways the church is failing in it’s unity today? How does this affect our Christian witness?


  3. In Ephesians, Paul hits straight at the disunity happening in the early church between Jewish and Gentile Christians. What evidence does Paul give in Ephesians 2: 13-20 that all people are equal in God’s eyes? Why are those truths so important for us to remember?


  4. Unity is found in Jesus Christ, who knits us together as a family of equals. What are you doing today to lift up the unity of the church of Jesus Christ? What are you doing to harm it? How might we be a church that stands up for those on the margins who are seen as outsiders or less than others?

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