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What We Pray for Others

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
May 24, 2020

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  1. Theologian Rudolf Bultmann calls John 17 "The last will and testament of Jesus." When you think about your last will and testament someday, what do you hope it is marked by? What kinds of things would you want to highlight?


  2. Others call this the "High-Priestly Prayer" of Jesus, as Jesus spends all of John 17 praying for himself and for his disciples. When you pray for those that you love, what do you pray for? What do we see Jesus praying for? What does that tell us about him and his desires and dreams for himself and his friends?


  3. Jesus asks God to glorify him as he heads to the cross so that he can glorify God in his actions. To glorify someone means to light them up with honor--To point people to them as an example to celebrate. What is it that Jesus is asking God to glorify in him?


  4. What does our world tend to give glory to? How is the church meant to be different than that?


  5. This week, whom have you glorified by the way you lived? How so?


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