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Wilderness Roads

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
May 2, 2021

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Follow Along with the Message

  1. Think of a time when you travelled somewhere out of your comfort zone. What did you find there that felt familiar? That was new and exciting? That challenged your assumptions?
  2. The Spirit drives Philip to a place where he would not ordinarily gone. Where do you sense God is driving you out of your comfort zone in your learning or towards others personally for the sake of the Gospel? Who are the people nearest to you that the Spirit is pressing you to get to know, come to appreciate, and ultimately join?
  3. How did God pave the way for the Good News to be shared with the Ethiopian? What is the relationship between divine preparation and human initiative in this story? In our stories?
  4. Evangelism is simply offering witness to the good news. Willie James Jennings writes, “The Gospel exposes a life captured by God’s love, a love that overflows, constantly pulling us more deeply into God’s own desire for other people and for all creation.” What most often stands in the way of your ability to share your story of God’s love with others? Why is that? What might be some ways you can naturally express the joy of the boundary-crossing reality of God’s love for others?


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