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  • Phone: 425.868.5186
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  • Mailing Address: 22522 NE Inglewood Hill Rd, Sammamish, WA 98074


Our Staff


Dr Jeff Lincicome

Senior Pastoroffice: 425.868.5186 x107

Kelly Hostetler

Associate Pastor of Congregational Care and Familiesoffice: 425.868.5186 x110

Tyler Easley

Parish Associateoffice: 425.868.5186


Kurt Dyrhsen

Worship Directoroffice: 425.868.5186 x102

Brian Kienle

Youth Ministry Directoroffice: 425.868.5186 x116

Laura Van Klaveren

Children's Directoroffice: 425.868.5186 x133

Vicki Wales

Operations Directoroffice: 425.868.5186 x109


Heidi Francis

Marketing Communications Manageroffice: 425.868.5186 x113

Bob Smith

Accountantoffice: 425.868.5186

Nathan Young

Choir Director and Accompanistoffice: 425.868.5186


Amira Bestauros

Care and Executive Coordinatoroffice: 425.868.5186 X108

Keri Brown

Property and Facilities Coordinator, and Early Childhood Coordinatoroffice: 425.868.5186 x103

Korina Meyer

Glory Days Preschool Coordinatoroffice: 425.868.5186 x100

Kara Stender

Ministry Coordinator of Adult, Mission, and Youthoffice: 425.868.5186 x101

Dick Wade

IT Coordinatoroffice: 425.868.5186 x134

Karen Zanco

Communications Coordinatoroffice: 425.868.5186 x114